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Urban Clusters

Rujevica area rises above the city of Rijeka on a slope facing the sea. The project was conceived as a set of strategies for achievement of long-term social, spatial and environmental sustainability of an area with a strong identity.

Segmentation strategy breaks the area into smaller neighbourhoods of adequate size and different character. Green strategy forms the central park which serves as a cohesion element of the whole area. Gradient strategy provides a variety of densities and characters of the residential areas. Traffic strategy is based on priority of pedestrians and public transport. Zoning strategy follows the gradient strategy by introducing more mixed uses with the growth of the built density.

Public facilities are dispersed across the area, thus enhancing the quality of all neighbourhoods. Moreover, lower distinction of uses in the wider area is proposed, in order to secure more mixed uses and more vitality for the city.

The proposed plan forms clusters of different housing typologies with their densities adapted to specific micro locations. The clusters are bound by a public park and a network of public services, providing a social backbone of the neighbourhood.

A team project by wgzg (Ivona Jerković, Josip Jerković, Marta Lozo, Iva Peručić, Damir Petric, Igor Sladoljev, Hrvoje Vidović and Andrej Vuk).

Competition - second prize, Zagreb Salon of Architecture selection

Urban Clusters
Urban Clusters